Photo Album

Future Team 4 members!
Daniel analyzing scouting data
Team 4 alumni, Spencer and Josh. Probably talking about cameras
Safety Captain Rita
Mr. B checking alignment on K8-G2
Senior Minas and mentor Matthew helping out a rookie team
Making sure these guys can get on the field
Half of the LA North pits at Mamba Academy. It was an honor to be there.
Mentor Matthew sharing some knowledge with Adam
Pretty robot
Matthew and Greg
Mr. B is silly
In loving memory of Dr. Woodie Flowers, Kobe Bryant, and Gianna Bryant. Forever in our hearts.
Mesrop listening intently to an inspector
Senior Mentor Mark. We love him!
Inspection time!
"Hmm...yes, that is a robot."
Ksenia always smilin'
Mr. B trying to distract from inspection. Always a goofball
Our pit
Bumpers relaxing before the next match
Etai has a boo-boo
Citrus Service helping out with programming. We are so grateful for them! They saved so many teams, including us.
What is Chloe pointing at?
Andrea confused
It takes a village to raise a robot baby
Doing some final checks
Matthew conferring with a 1678 member
Wiring up 8060's bot
Mentor Ali cleaning up some wiring on K8-G2
Photobomb attempt by Minas
Wiring can be tedious
Citrus Circuits saving the day!
The Holy Cows (FRC 1538) has helped hundreds of teams with their mobile machine shop. It is a fixture at SoCal events
Judging time!
Judge sharing a story about working on the Endeavor. We learn so much these experienced professionals
Even our mentors love talking to judges
Luka, driver of K8-G2
Mr. B and human player Greg setting up for the match
"Looks good, Mr. B"
Prepping for our autonomous shot
K8-G2 sitting next to Hall of Fame team 359 and LA North Chairman's Award winner 2429
Lob shot
Mid-match shot
Ready for another match
Drive team ready for the match
Sophia doing some market research for our children's book
Greg strategizing with other human players
Greg organizing Power Cells for efficient delivery to the robots
Luka (driver) and Matthew (operator) working their magic in the match. Mr. B is doing something useful, probably. Cameo by referee Doug
Greg looking on; K8-G2 in the background
Mesrop, Sophia, and Daniel talking to some awesome judges
More judges! Did you know that these professionals are all volunteers? Thank you, Judges!
Minas approved
Mentors and students work together here at Team 4
Emerson and Sophia
Chairman's Award presenters Ksenia, Mesrop, and Chloe
Matthew and his Boys. Their album drops soon
Alumni Omri
Our 2020 robot: K8-G2; named after Kobe (#8) and Gianna (#2)
Fine tuning vision tracking
MC extraordinaire Jojo!
Pre-playoff robot check
First playoff match!
K8-G2 is nervous but excited to be playing with a couple of All-Stars
2020 drive team (L-R): Matthew (operator), Greg (human player), Luka (driver), Mr. B (coach)
Our 3 shot autonomous mode
Drive team looking on during a match
Celebrating a win!
Celebrating a win, pt. 2
More celebrating
Waiting for the match score
Etai anxiously waiting match results
We won!
A very exciting time!
Getting ready for another playoff match
Citrus Circuit's robot gathering some Power Cells. Oh yeah, the drive team is in the back
Every match counts
Did you know that Team 4 supplies a large number of volunteers for local events? It's our pleasure and honor
1678 knows how to make a fantastic robot!
Tina's a little emotional after our win
Shock and happiness. 2 months of hard work paid off.
Match under review; looks good though
Highest score of the event! We were ecstatic to contribute in a small way
Thank you 973 for opening your pit to us for the playoffs. These guys are a class-act
Strategizing with Blair Underwood, the OG MC!
Mando doing the YMCA.
It's nice to see Mando taking some time for us here on Earth. Jojo doing his best Grogu impression
Mentors Mr. B, Ali, and Matthew discussing important stuff, like where to get dinner.
One more match to go
Almost there!
Hugs, tears, and smiles all around
A very welcome photo bomb by Senior Mentor Mark!
The playing field for Infinite Recharge
We owe a lot to these 2 guys
LA North was a great event!