Photo Album

Group picture in the stands
Rampage with one ramp down
Drive team selfie
Rampage mid-match
Rampage mid-match
Rampage placing a Hatch Panel
Placing a Hatch Panel
Close up of Rampage on the field
Action shot of Rampage
Rampage ready to help another robot up onto the Level 3 platform
1159 getting ready to drive up our ramps
Ramona Rampage climbing up Rampage
Scoring Cargo in the Cargo Ship
3501 getting ready to drive up our ramps
3 robots safe in the Hab
Rampage ready for a match
Action shot
Rampage mid-match
Placing Hatch Panel
Action shot
Rampage during a match
Middle of a match
Rampage ready for a robot to drive up the ramps
Testing in the pit
Senior smiles all around
Truman being Truman
Testing in the pit
Catherine is always ready for the camera
Alliance strategy session for playoffs
Mr. B in a cowboy hat
Rampage ready for a match
Ready for another match
Alliance strategy session featuring Ramona Rampage and Sea King Robotics
Arfan (swoon)
Throwing up the 4
We won the Quality Award!
Group selfie