Hello Students!


The long-awaited question has been answered. Robotics will begin meeting Monday through Thursday from 4 to 6 PM.

YOU MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED BEFORE YOU CAN ATTEND A CLUB MEETING!!! You must still wear your mask during the club, this is a state mandate.

Returning members and those in the robotics elective can come in starting today, October 5th.  

New Club members can come starting tomorrow, October 6th, once they are fully vaccinated.

All active club members must have a pair of safety glasses.

If you can get a pair of safety goggles today please do. This is so we can safely take you into the shop and show you how the machines work.

Here are some examples of what they should look like, they cannot be tinted.

Image preview


Image preview

Here are some links to safety glasses:

Remember, you do not need to know anything about robotics to join!

We hope to see you there!